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Investor Brief content is organised for ease of use into the homepage and Latest Analysis, Regions, Countries, and Sectors.

The homepage and Latest Analysis tab display the analysis we have published on global events of relevance to US investors. Also within the Latest Analysis section, you can access the archive of past Week in Perspective emails, our Graphic Analysis, the maps and charts contained in analyses, and our Prospects series.

Through the Region tab, you can access daily-updated content and must-read analysis, grouped together by Region and Country.

Each country has an individual page, accessed via the relevant Region, with must-read analysis, and data links. Every Region and Country is assigned a dedicated analyst, who ensures that our analysis is not only timely and relevant to our clients’ interests but also of the highest analytical and editorial standards. The analysts can be contacted using the Ask Analyst function.

The Sector tab enables you to access the content relevant to one of the seven industry sectors we cover. These are Energy, Finance, Food/Agribusiness, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Security/Defence, Technology/Media/Telecoms. As with Regions, each Sector is assigned a dedicated analyst.

Email alerts

There are two types of emails sent by the Investor Brief Product. The first is the Week in Perspective, which is sent every Sunday and contains content curated by the Editor.

We can also send you a daily email that can include items from the Investor Brief (if turned on), and items relevant to your follows (if turned on).

You can find out more information on the types of emails we send and how to customise them in the alerting help page

The Week in Perspective

The Week in Perspective is a client-only weekly newsletter, curated by the Editor, that focuses on investment-related topics that may not yet be on your radar and explains why they may become market-moving. The newsletter is sent via email every Friday. You can access the archive of past Week in Perspectives via the Latest tab.

Ask an Analyst

As a Investor Brief subscriber, you have direct access to our analysts. Simply use the “Ask Analyst” button next to any piece of analysis to ask follow-on questions you might have.


Follows are a great way to stay up-to-date on topics that you are particularly interested in. You may follow any region, country, or sector we cover. You may also choose to follow a search. We can then include the new analysis we have published that matches your interests in your alert email (if turned on). Find out more about Follows on the Follows help page.

The full Investor Brief archive is available online for you to search. Results are ordered by date, most recent first, and include headline, date, summary and what type of analysis it is (see below for list of analysis types).

You can also follow a search, so it is saved for future use and we can include the content in your daily alert email when new content matching your search is published. Read more on our follows help page.

To perform a simple text search, click on the magnifying glass icon (or choose Search from the menu) and start typing in the search bar. You can then pick from the list of countries, regions, and keywords that we use to tag analysis. You can also enter your own terms for a full text search.
For example, if you wanted to see what we had published about telecommunications and Spain, use the Simple search.
For more help go here.

We also provide an advanced search option for those who want to be more precise about what they are searching for and have more control over combining searches. Using Advanced search allows you to specify a range of countries, topics, and a date range in a single query.
Examples of what you can do with advanced search:

  • Find results matching a range of countries or topics, e.g. UAE or Saudi Arabia, or oil or gas.
  • Specify a date range for your search

For more information, see the advanced search page.


Use the Rate Article button in the left sidebar of any article to let us know if you found the analysis helpful or not. You can also use the ‘Did you find this helpful?’ option in the right sidebar or any article.

See also

We use the See Also button in the left sidebar of any article to highlight any previously published analysis that is relevant to what you have just read.

Types of analysis

The Investor Brief is produced every business day, and we publish three key types of analysis.
The first is our long-form analysis articles, each approximately 1,200 words. These provide regular in-depth analysis, all accompanied by an impact statement and a summary of “What’s Next” from the analyst.
We also publish shorter executive summaries each business day, giving analytical ‘snapshots’ of recent events, along with our analysts best judgement.

As well as the wealth of graphics, maps and charts integrated into these briefs, we also publish a data or graphics-led piece of analysis every Tuesday and Thursday. Subject to the same methodological rigour as the rest of the Investor Brief, each graphic analysis provides new insights and puts topics in context, analysing a wide range of data sources and clearly articulating the implications of the key takeaways for the economy, the political landscape, and for society.

To find out more about our methodological process, please go here.


Prospects are our unique guides for strategists and senior executives, covering key regions and sectors around the world. They are published annually and updated every six months.

How to best use on mobile

The Investor Brief offers a fully responsive site that works brilliantly in the browsers of smartphones, tablets as well as desktops and laptops. So go ahead and use this website as much as you like, wherever and whenever is most convenient to you. If you want the convenience of a direct link to the Investor Brief on your home screen of your device - be it smartphone or tablet, Android or Apple – checkout this helpful guide