The Investor Brief offers a fully responsive site that works brilliantly in the browsers of smartphones, tablets as well as desktops and laptops. So go ahead and use this website as much as you like, and all our analysis and features should work just as they do on the desktop - no apps or mobile sites with cut-down functionality.

How to add the Investor Brief to your home screen

If you want the convenience of a direct link to the Investor Brief on your home screen, of your device - be it smartphone or tablet, Android or Apple - checkout this helpful guide.

Why no app?

We took a decision early on not to offer an app, because our research showed that - provided we made it really easy to use on mobile - there was relatively low demand among our clients for an app.

Therefore instead of spending our development budget on an app - or rather multiple apps for the different mobile platforms - that would benefit relatively few, we would spend it on features that would benefit everyone.

We recognise that the pattern of mobile use continues to evolve. If you feel strongly that the Investor Brief should have a mobile app, please get in touch and let us know the key features that an app would deliver that we aren't delivering through the website.