For over 35 years, Oxford Analytica has been bringing insight and analysis of global events to decision-makers in governments and leading international companies. Now we are harnessing that depth of experience to help investors spot the trends and developments around the world that will soon impact investments.

The Investor Brief from Oxford Analytica delivers timely, impartial, and actionable analysis of emerging trends and developments in the global political economy, using a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.

Key features

  • Daily, personalisable, analysis of key events and issues of relevance to investors
  • Unique and rigorous process and methodology
  • Direct access to our analysts via monthly webinars and one-to-one follow-up
  • Annual Prospects series
  • Customisable analysis by sector, country, and region
  • A subscriber-only weekly newsletter, the Week in Perspective, that focuses on topics that may not yet be on your radar and explains why they may become market-moving.
  • Access to Oxford Analytica‚Äôs bespoke advisory services for scenario planning to identify new and developing opportunities for investment and stress testing to identify asset allocation risks.

About the Editor

Paul Maidment
Paul Maidment, Editor of the Investor Brief, has long provided insight to investors, notably as founding editor of and Executive Editor of Forbes magazine. He served as Director of Analysis and Managing Editor at Oxford Analytica from 2014 to 2019.